Saturday, April 23, 2011

Administrative Professionals Day

I'm an Administrative Professional by day. I admit that I love it. I love being an Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, I love being the person that knows where everything is, knowing who to call to fix certain things, knowing who to talk to for a discount on paper or brochures. I love it almost as much as I love doing my job for non-profits.
I also love Administrative Professionals Day. Who doesn't love getting presents and recognition for doing something they love to do?
Cherry Bomb Gourmet Cupcakes and Cake Pops is offering cute cake pop bouquets for your Administrative Professional. The cake pops can be presented in a coffee mug (because your Administrative Professional will no doubt make the coffee since yours doesn't taste right) or in a cute basket that can be re-used for a myriad of different things.
Call us, email us or order right here on our site. Give your Administrative Professional something a little different this year!

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