Monday, August 15, 2011


We love a challenge. Not that cake pops or cupcakes are a challenge, but sometimes people say "can you make this or that or the other thing?" and we have to find a way.
Recently, we made cupcakes (60!) and cake pops for a little girl's birthday party. Her theme was "Tangled" and we couldn't be more excited.

The cupcakes:

What will THESE be?!

Ah, yes..."happy" Pascal!

We have "angry" and "pensive" Pascal....

A special Rapunzel cupcake for the birthday girl....

And the cake pops:
We had done Pascal cake pops before so we weren't too worried about them. Cute, right?!

The challenge came with the request for lantern cake pops. We had made samples using candy melt for the design on the front, but that wasn't going to work for 40 of them. After several tried and failed attempts and an incredibly late night, we came up with these:
Aren't they beautiful?! A sun stencil and some color dust did the trick.

Usually when we do cake pops, we offer them two ways; with a "container" to hold them that matches your theme, or just on the stick so you can do what you want with them. This request was for a container, and we bought 3 different kinds until this..........

A fully edible Rapunzel tower! Throw down your hair!!!

The cake pops were arranged like so:

Check out some of our work on the "Our Work" page!

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