Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fake Pops

I posted on our Facebook page (don't forget to "like" us!) that we attempted to sell our Cake Pops on Saturday, outside in the searing heat and humidity of South Texas. It didn't work out too well.
While trying to figure out how we could keep the pops chilled, it occurred to me that restaurants have those fake desserts that they bring to your table to tempt you. So I said "Hey, I'll make fake cake pops for display!"

So I did.
They ALMOST look real, right?!
They make edible glitter that we could use, but those are REAL sprinkles!
This is "chocolate" with sprinkles. Notice the "white chocolate" in the background.
I call the one in the front "sunburst."

They were really fun to make, pretty funny to look at, and totally inedible. They WILL come in handy for a display though.

If you order cake pops from Cherry Bomb, I guarantee fresh ingredients every time! No Styrofoam balls and glitter for you! Real, homemade cake and frosting. Delicious.

Order now!


  1. I am a cake baker and am starting farmers markets. what did you use to cover the fake pops?

  2. Hi there,
    They are covered with acrylic paint and glitter. A few are covered in real sprinkles.