Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day

How could I forget Mother's Day? I have a mother. Cherry Bomb IS me and my mother. I AM a mother!

Gourmet cupcakes and/or cake pops would be perfect for your mom on this Mother's Day. Imagine something different than the flowers or candy you usually get her. Or in the case of my mother, the Home Depot gift card!
10 Perfectly Plain Cake Pops in a beautiful container-$25
10 Candy Mixed Cake Pops in a beautiful container-$30
1 Dozen Gourmet Cupcakes-$36

We will deliver in the RGV for a $5 surcharge (applicable until the price of gas goes down!)

Call us at 956.970.4128 or 956.832.9367
email us at
order on this site --------->

Give your mom something special, unique and delicious this year!

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